• Student Email

    Starting with the 2013-14 school year, WCPSS will provide all students and staff email accounts for easy-to-use, transparent communication between students and teachers for educational purposes.

    Accounts for Middle School and High School Students
    Email accounts have automatically been created for all middle school and high school students at the beginning of the year. Students will receive their account and login information from the school staff member who has been designated to handle student email requests.

    Guidelines for Email use
    When using email, students must observe guidelines and prohibited uses outlined in the Student Code of Conduct (Board Policy 6410 and related Regulations and Procedures) and Student Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources (Board Policy 6446 and related Regulations and Procedures).



    Frequently Asked Questions
    Need help? Check to see if your question has been addressed in the Quick Start Guide (PDF)

    Where do I go to check my email?


    Why do I need to reset my password?

    • For security, all students must reset their passwords after logging in for the first time.

    What’s my login information?

    • Please contact the student email staff member for your login information.

    I am locked out of my account. Can I reset my password?

    • School staff can help you reset your password.

    I am having other problems logging in.

    • School staff may be able to help you; If not, school staff can request assistance from district support staff.

    Why do I get a blank screen in Internet Explorer?

    • Internet Explorer 10 will need to use “compatibility view” mode to view email. This is located under the tools menu.

    What if your parent does not want you to have a WCPSS email address?

    • A parent who does not want their child to have an email address can opt out of the service by contacting the school.

    *Taken from WCPSS Information about Student WebMail