Daily Bell Schedules


    Plan B Transitional & Virtual Academy

    Spring 2021 Semester
    1st Period 7:25am to 8:25am Live Instruction Activity
      8:25am to 8:48am Non Live Instructional Time
    2nd Period 8:54am to 9:54am Live Instruction Activity
      9:54am to 10:17am Non Live Instruction Activity
    Lunch 10:17am to 11:17am  
    3rd Period 11:23am to 12:23pm Live Instruction Activity
        12:23pm to 12:46pm Non Live Instruction Activity
    4th Period 12:52pm to 1:52pm Live Instruction Activity
      1:52pm to 2:15pm Non Live Instruction Activity
    SMART Lunch and NO PRIDE Time
      1st Period 7:25am to 8:49am    
      2nd Period 8:54am to 10:21am    
      3rd Period 10:26am to 11:56am    
         SMART  Lunch     11:56am to 12:45pm
      4th Period 12:50pm to 2:18pm    
    SMART Lunch and PRIDE Time
      1st Period 7:25am to 8:39am
      PRIDE Time 8:44am to 9:14am
      2nd Period 9:19am to 10:38am
      3rd Period 10:43am to 12:02pm
         Lunch     12:02m to 12:52pm
      4th Period 12:57pm to 2:18pm
    3 Lunches, No PRIDE Time
      1st Period 7:25am to 8:53am
      2nd Period 8:58am to 10:27am
      3rd Period 10:32am to 12:42pm
          Lunch A 10:32am to 11:12am
         Lunch B 11:17am to 11:57am
         Lunch C 12:02pm to 12:42pm
       4th Period 12:47pm to 2:18pm

     No PRIDE Time on 2-Hour Delay Days
      1st Period 9:25am to 10:25am
      2nd Period 10:30am to 11:30am
      3rd Period 11:35am to 1:10pm
          Lunch A 11:35am to 12:05pm
          Lunch B 12:10pm to 12:35pm
          Lunch C 12:40pm to 1:10pm
      4th Period 1:15pm to 2:18pm
    **Breakfast is not served on a 2-Hour Delay Day.

         No PRIDE Time on 1-Hour Delay Days
      1st Period 8:25am to 9:40am
      2nd Period 9:45am to 11:00am
      3rd Period 11:05am to 1:00pm
          Lunch A    11:05am to 11:40am
          Lunch B    11:45am to 12:15pm
         Lunch C    12:20pm to 1:00pm
      4th Period 1:05pm to 2:18pm