Banned Books Week 2018

Speak Out
  •  Top Banned/Challenged YA books!

    It's time to #SpeakOut and protect your rights... especially your right to READ WHAT YOU WANT!!!  There are still books getting challenged and banned in the United States today.  This is just one of the many ways that some people try to control what you think and how you act, because reading makes you think which makes you dangerous. This year #SpeakOut about something you believe in or an issue that you think needs to change. Librarians everywhere #SpeakOut against censorship in literature. #SpeakOut and don't let anyone silence your story. 


#SpeakOut Against Censorship

Top 10 Banned Books

Beware... the following books may change the way you think:

  • The Hate U Give

     To Kill a Mockingbird 13 reasons why library display

    A display in the LC created by the Library Media students.  "Don't murder good books!"


Banned Books Data

The Destroyed book was "Holes"... Congrats to Elizabeth F. on winning the prize!

Destroyed Book

Banned Books Week @KnightdaleHS

  • Staff... wear your literacy shirts OR advocacy shirts and jeans ALL week!!  

    #SpeakOut #BannedBooksWeek

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    Come to the LC (or facilitate it in your room) for a fun Digital Banned Books Breakout anytime - complete it and get a PRIZE!

    Share what makes you want to #SpeakOut on our Digital Graffiti Wall anytime.

    Replace journal time with DEAR time or FlipGrid journals (like a video wall, see below) - try for at least one day where kids can read what they choose.  


    Monday 9/24

    Tuesday 9/25

    Wednesday 9/26

    Thursday 9/27

    Friday 9/28

    • BANNED BOOKS / UNCENSORED POETRY SLAM C lunch in the LC!!  TBD if we can find an emcee #SpeakOut #BannedBooksWeek
    • Articles for DEAR time