Name Position Grade Level/Department Email Address
Gary Duvall Principal Administration
Christy Story Assistant Principal Administration
Linnea Gibson Magnet & STEM Coordinator Administration
Maggie Mariella IRT Administration
Renee Pearl Data Manager Administration
Jenelle Jones Receptionist Administration
Katie Trahan Book Keeper Administration
Sallie Lee Teacher Pre-K
Jennifer Humeniuk Teacher Kindergarten Team
*April Christie Teacher Kindergarten Team
*Erica Drapeau Teacher Kindergarten Team
Cynthia Mack Teacher 1st Grade Team
Safiya Robinson Teacher 1st Grade Team
Katya deBock Teacher 1st Grade Team
*Laura Hildreth Teacher 1st Grade Team
*Joni Fowler Teacher 2nd Grade Team
Jennifer Reed Teacher 2nd Grade Team
Peggy Williams Teacher 2nd Grade Team
Kristi Pierce Teacher 2nd Grade Team
Carla Massengill Teacher 3rd Grade Team
*Shenetta McGill Teacher 3rd Grade Team
Ebony Johnson Teacher 3rd Grade Team
Kristin Walker Teacher 3rd Grade Team
Shanta Clowney Teacher 3rd Grade Team
Serena Craft Teacher 3rd Grade Team
  • * Denotes that the individual is a team or department chair.