The PSAT is a College Board examination administered in October of every school year.  The exam is scored from 20-80 for each of following sections: Critical Reading, Mathematics and Writing. It is meant to be a practice test and can give you a good idea on what you can do to prepare for the SAT.  It is administered to students in any grade level during the school day for a fee of $15.  The PSAT itself has NO bearing on college admissions.  So, why take it?
    • The PSAT provides you with good information about what you can do to prepare for the SAT examinations you might take later on.
    • The PSAT is used by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation to qualify students for various scholarships based on their Junior year PSAT scores.
    • Colleges and universities use the information from the PSAT as a means to begin communicating with students regarding higher education and financial aid opportunities.


    The Pre-ACT consists of multiple-choice tests in English, math, reading, and science. It will be give to all sophomores free of charge in the fall.  For more information, visit the Pre-ACT website

    New SAT vs Old SAT

    Check out the College Board's comparison between the old SAT and the new SAT to be released in March 2016.
    The NEW SAT vs. ACT
    The SAT and ACT are two competing examinations for college entrance.  Most schools will accept either an SAT or an ACT score BUT check with the school you are considering to see what they prefer.  We suggest that you take both the SAT and ACT and see which one you score higher on, then concentrate on that test.

    New SAT vs ACT Comparison - from Princeton Review
    New SAT vs ACT - Full Breakdown
    Should you take the New SAT or the ACT?

    HERE you can view those schools in North Carolina that have reported what average scores they are looking for applicants to have on the New SAT