• Spanish Club News: (Las noticias españolas del club)
    WFHS Advisor:  Sra. Murphy (Room 2103)

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    Activities: (Actividad)
    The Spanish Club celebrated the holidays together by having lunch together and playing board games before the break.  Students brought food items to share.
    The Spanish Club had dinner together on November 17th at Las Margaritas Restaurant in downtown Wake Forest at 5:00 pm.  
    The Spanish Club had lunch together on Wednesday, Nov. 2, to share foods and learn more about the "Days of the Dead" celebrations in Mexico and other parts of Latin America.  Spanish club members who want to order a t-shirt must pay $10.

    The WFHS Spanish Club on Saturday, October 1, experienced music, food, and culture from around the globe at the International Festival of Raleigh held at the Civic Center Downtown.