• Contact Info: wakeforest@jordandriving.com 

    Registration for Driver Education is now done totally digitally online (no submitting registration forms). Information and registration forms can be found at www.jordandriving.com.




    Summer 2023 Dates are released the first week of April 2023


    Update on Driver Education

    • As you may know, the driver education program consists of two components: (1)the classroom instruction, and (2) the behind the wheel driving.
    • Driver education is extremely sensitive to disruptions. Even a bad stretch of weather can create backlogs. In the case of the pandemic, the driving portion of the class was suspended from March to July 2020.
    • We resumed the classroom portion of the program with virtual instruction in May 2020, which ran through the summer of 2020. About 3,000 students completed their classes this way.
    • However, driver education faces the same labor shortage as all fields. About 50 instructors for behind-the-wheel training returned when those classes resumed. That number is typically about 85. The shortage is exacerbated by a DMV decision not to resume the certification class for new instructors, which was also suspended in March 2020. JDS made several requests to obtain the authority to teach the instructor certification class virtually during the pandemic.  DMV stated that all classes must be done face-to-face and no virtual option was allowed for commercial driving schools.  We resumed face-to-face JDS instructor classes in summer 2021.
    • We decided to pause classroom instruction in September and October 2021 to reduce, though not eliminate, the growing back log for behind-the-wheel instruction. (It is worth noting that we don’t normally offer classroom instruction in January as many high school students are engaged in state testing and final exams. We will continue behind-the-wheel instruction in January.)



    Who We Teach


    Jordan Driving School teaches Driver Education safety to students who are between the ages of 14 ½ years old up to 18 years of age, and are actively enrolled in a public, private, charter, or licensed home schools within Wake County. Students who are 18 years old, but are still enrolled in high school may take Driver Education with Jordan Driving School, but will need to take additional steps to be able to participate in the behind the wheel portion of the program.

    Age eligible students in Wake County who attend a middle school, private school, charter school or home school may sign up for any after school class at a public high school If their schedule permits; however, students MUST be able to arrive to class on time each day, no exceptions.

    We do not provide any adult driver education courses or private for hire lessons.


    Items to Note:

    • Students must be 14.5 by the start of the course to be eligible.
    • Per WCPSS/Jordan Driving School policy, students are placed into classes based on age-- the oldest 35 students are placed into each class.
    • Once classes are full, they will be marked as such. Once all classes are marked full, we will stop accepting registration forms.  
    • Submitting a registration form doesn't guarantee placement into a Driver Education class. Parents will be notified when their child is placed in a class. Payment for a class should not be made until you get a class confirmation email.


    • We are currently driving students that took the course in November 2022. Students are scheduled for BTW according to when the class was completed and then by age within each class. 
    • Once BTW concludes, the driver will issue a Certificate of Completion.  Please review it carefully for correct spelling and all other information BEFORE you leave the lesson.
    • DMV Eligibility Certificates (DEC) are issued through the student services office and can be picked up by the student or/parent.  You will need to show your copy of the certificate of completion referenced above.  
    • PRIVATE BTW Instruction: will be self-funded and info is available, or paperwork can be requested by your driving school from JDS per directions here:  In-Out-Transfers






  • Process for Obtaining a Driver’s Eligibility Certificate (Students and Families)

     DECs are only valid for 30 days from the day the student picks it up. To save time, schedule an appointment with the DMV prior to receiving the DEC from the school.

    Students may bring in their completed Driver's Education Certificate to Student Services  (room #2001), before school, starting at 7am, during their lunch or after school until 2:30pm to receive their DEC.