• Parent Account for HomeBase/Parent Portal - https://wcpss.powerschool.com/public/

     Creating an account, please navigate to the Wake County login page for parent portal and follow these instructions

    1. wcpss.powerschool.com/public
    2. The first time you log into the system you must choose CREATE AN ACCOUNT.
    3. Enter the data on the screen as follows:
      First Name – Parent’s First Name
      Last Name – Parent’s Last Name
      Email         - Parent’s email address
      Desired Username – Any username the parent wishes to use
      Password   - Enter a password you will remember, at least 7 characters
      Re-Enter Password – retype what you entered in the Password field
    4. Scroll to the bottom half of the screen.
    5. Enter required data as follows:
      Student Name – type student’s first name, then type a space character, then type student’s last name (no nickname or middle name). For example, John Doe
      Access ID – type the information from your parent letter listed after Your Access ID is: . Do not type the student’s access id here!
      Access Password - type the information from your parent letter listed after Your Password is: . Do not type the student’s password here!
      Relationship – choose the entry that describes your relationship to the student.

      You may enter multiple students in the list, however, you must have your access id and password which is unique for each student.
    6. Click on the Enter button at the bottom.

    You should now be able to sign in from this point forward using the username and password you created in step 3 above. If you need a new password or forget your username, click on the “Having trouble signing in?” link under the password field. Accounts are unlocked by the county once per day.


    For help navigating your PowerSchool account once you've signed up and created one, please click HERE.