• Consider joining the ACDC

    According to the North Carolina Career Clusters Guide (refer to pages 23 - 28), "the state's construction industry is expected to grow and show increases in" Architecture and Construction careers. You can prepare for this growth, by joining the WFHS Academy for Construction and Design Careers (ACDC).

    The ACDC offers incoming WFHS freshmen career pathways in Construction (Carpentry classes) or Architecture (Drafting classes). ACDC students have the opportunity to take academy-related courses which are integrated in their regular schedules. Within the academy, students can gain work-based learning skills via onsite and offsite / industry tour events. Another academy benefit is that members get hands-on experiences during their required academy internship (135 hours | paid or unpaid) in their academy-related pathway. Typically, this internship is done in the summer of the junior year.



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