The Academy for Construction and Design Careers (ACDC) is a small learning community within Wake Forest High School. The ACDC curriculum focuses on two pathways: Construction or Architecture. Within each pathway, ACDC students receive required academy courses integrated into their core curriculum. ACDC students can gain Work-based Learning (WBL) skills via industry tour events and hands-on experience during their required academy internship (120 hours | paid or unpaid) in their academy-related pathway. Through real-world, hands-on experiences, the Academy exposes students to a variety of careers in construction and architecture.


    Consider joining the ACDC!

    Incoming assigned WFHS students interested in a career in construction or architecture are invited to apply to the ACDC. Current WFHS freshmen or sophomores that are enrolled in Construction Core, Carpentry I, or Drafting I can apply to the ACDC. The ACDC application can be found via https://bit.ly/WFHSACDC