Final Exams

    Fall 2020-2021 Update:

     Per State Legislation--Final exams MUST be the last five school days of the semester.  For the 2020-2021 school year, final exams will be January 11-14 and June 4-10.  Students should plan on having exams on any/all of those dates.  Please plan appointments accordingly.  No Educational Leave requests will be approved for exam dates. 

    While all teacher made exams will be administered virtually, all administrations of EOC exams (Math 1, Math 3, Biology, English 2) and Career and Technical (CTE) exams are required by the state policy to be in person. There are no exceptions to this in-person requirement. 

    WCPSS will be using the flexibility that the state has given to all districts to amend the grading structure for state exams.  Specifically, for End-of-Course (EOC) and CTE Post Assessments, we will incorporate the following into our scoring plan: 

    • Minimum Score of 60.  The grading scale for state assessments will include a minimum possible score of “60.”  The goal of this change is to ensure that no student fails the course as a direct result of their score on the exam. 
    • Exam Score Only Improves Course Average.  If a student’s score on the state exam is lower than the combined average of Quarter 1 and Quarter 2, the student’s exam score will be curved to equal their course average.  For example, if a student has an “80” average for the course prior to the exam, then their lowest possible exam score is an “80,” but they will keep any score higher than an “80.”  It is important to note that the score is curved for the purpose of calculating the course average.  The original EOC scale score, achievement level, and percentile will be reflected on the student transcript. 

    Students who do not test and have not submitted a medical exemption will receive an Incomplete (INC) for the course. 

    All students are strongly encouraged to take their exam and do their best.  The exam is an opportunity to share what students have learned.  Our hope is that the scoring structure described above allows students to do just that. 

    Click Here for the Fall 2020-2021 Exam Schedule

    Updated 12/2020