Final Exams

    Posted 8/15/19

    Per State Legislation--Final exams MUST be the last five school days of the semester.  For the 2019-2020 school year, final exams will be January 21-27 and June 8-12.  Students should plan on having exams on any/all of those dates.  Please plan appointments accordingly.  No Educational Leave requests will be approved for exam dates. 

    Updated 1/2020

    2019-2020 Fall Semester Exam Schedule

    All final exams will take place January 21-27

    Per State Legislation--Final exams will be the last five school days of the semester,  January 21-27.  The basic exam schedule is below. Classroom teachers will give students specific times and locations for exams by 1/10. 

    Tuesday, 1/21- First Period Exams

    Wednesday, 1/22- Second Period Exams

    Thursday, 1/23- Third Period Exams

    Friday, 1/24- Fourth Period Exams

    Monday, 1/27- Make-Up Exams  

    2019 ACT

    All JUNIORS will take the ACT in school on February 25, 2020.  All juniors in the state of North Carolina are required to take the ACT. There is no cost to students.  Details about ACT testing will be updated in February.