• Student Device Program


    Every WCPSS student is eligible to receive a WCPSS-issued device to use at school and at home.  Students will receive a new student device every 3 or 4 years.  To participate in the Student Device Program, students must sign an annual Student Device Program Agreement Form and follow the expectations outlined in the agreement.

    Device Distribution Schedule


    Students who were unable to pick up devices early will receive a device during the first week of school.  The grade level schedule is below.  Teachers will send students to the Media Center according to alphabet throughout their grade level day.



    Tuesday, August 24th        9th Graders
    1st Period:  A-G
    2nd Period: H-O
    4th Period: P-Z
    Wednesday, August 25th   10th Graders
    1st Period: A-F
    2nd Period: G-M
    4th Period: N-Z
    Thursday, August 26th     11th Graders
    1st Period: A-F
    2nd Period: G-M
    4th Period: N-Z
    Friday, August 27th       12th Graders
    1st Period: A-G
    2nd Period: H-O
    4th Period: P-Z
    Monday, August 30th      All Grades Exchange/Makeup Distribution Day
    1st Period:  9th Grade
    2nd Period: 10th Grade
    3rd Period:  11th Grade
    4th Period:  12th Grade


    Some students who already have a WCPSS issued device may be eligible for an updated device. Those students will be contacted and devices will be exchanged on August 30th. The models eligible for an upgrade are the HP G5, G6, and G7 devices.  In order for a student to exchange, he/she must bring the current device to school to be checked in.  Without the old device, we will not exchange.


    We will be holding another Distribution Day for Virtual Academy students next Wednesday, August 25th from 3:00-4:30 in the front lobby.  Those students will receive an individual email with that information.


    Student Expectations

    To ensure the success of the program, students are expected to:

    • Bring their device to school each day, fully charged. 
    • Take their device home each night to use and to charge. 
    • Avoid eating and drinking around their device.
    • Keep their device clean.
    • Use their device in accordance with the policies, rules, and expectations of the district and school. 
    • Return their device at the end of the device’s life cycle, withdrawal from WCPSS, or upon request from the district.
    • Report any issues to their teacher or school’s Technology Contact as soon as possible.