ACDC Internship & Other Work-based Learning Resources

  • Below are ACDC Work-based Learning (WBL) documents and resources.



    Student Section | New WCPSS Internship Guide | WFHS ACDC 


    • Print the Student Section | New WCPSS Internship Guide | WFHS ACDC found above.


    • Prior to the internship start date, the ACDC student needs to:


    • Prepare the student resume using the resume template (see below). Email resume to Ms. Groom for her review and applicable changes.
      Arrange an appointment and / or email Ms. Groom to discuss the internship opportunity for Ms. Groom's approval.
      Review and follow instructions within the Student Section of the new WCPSS Internship Guide | WFHS ACDC.
      Await Ms. Groom's email confirmation that the internship can begin.


     Student Resume Template


    ACDC Job Shadowing Packet