My School Bucks

  • Our Principal, Ms. Sherry, feels very strongly that students cannot learn effectively on an empty stomach.  Kingswood students are fortunate, thanks to our wonderful PTA, to be able to enjoy a prepared lunch in the event that they forget either their lunch or lunch money at home through the PTA Emergency Lunch Fund.  If your student ever has need of this fund, a note will come home with them requesting that you send the money, in cash, back to the school in an envelope marked with your child's name and designated for the emergency lunch fund as well as a reminder to add funds to their lunch account at the school.  Your repayment of this money allows other student's the same benefits afforded to your child in their time of need.  

  • School meals and snacks may be pre-paid by clicking here to be redirected to My School Bucks (opens in a new window).