• Walker and Biker Procedures
    If your child is a walker or bike rider, s/he walks or bikes to school and must live within the school’s walk zone.  On the days you wish to drive your child to school or pick him/her up by car, you must use our carpool system. A walker or biker never gets into a parked car.


    o   During arrival, students may enter the building at 8:45.  Please make sure that they do not arrive prior to 8:45 as there is no staff supervision. 

    o   At dismissal you or your child must present your Walker / Biker Card to the staff member on duty at the dismissal site.  The staff member will then release your child. 

    o   If the adult picking up the child(ren) does not have a Walker / Biker Card, the adult will need to come to the office to sign your children out.

    o    Please complete one Hunter Walker / Biker Application

    Front Door Walker / Biker Safe Walking Path
    Front Door Walker Photo  


    Students will leave the school from the door on the lower level near the cafeteria / gym, as marked by a circle on the map. Students waiting for a parent will wait, inside, at this door. Students with permission to walk on their own will leave from this door. 

    Students should walk to the sidewalk on Davie Street.  Students should remain on the sidewalk while walking. 

    Students needing to cross Davie Street should walk to the City of Raleigh School Crossing Guard, as noted by the rectangle, and cross in the crosswalk.  


    Back Door Walker Safe Walking Path 
     Back Door Walker Photo

    Students will walk from the back of the school on the sidewalk to the stop sign at the end of school property, as noted by an oval on the picture.  

    At the point noted in the oval, students will walk independently home, as directed by their parents, or students will wait for their designated adult to pick them up.

    Students should walk up Coleman Street towards Lenoir Street.  Once arriving at Coleman Street, students should turn right, follow the sidewalk, and walk to the City of Raleigh School Crossing Guard, that is noted with a rectangle in the picture.  The Crossing Guard will help students to safely cross Lenoir Street. 

     After crossing Lenoir Street, students will proceed in the direction of their home, utilizing sidewalks.

    Students SHOULD NOT cross Lenoir Street without using the Crossing Guard and the established crosswalk due to the lack of safety with high volumes of quickly moving traffic.