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Principal Message (1/2/22)


Happy New Year Gator Families

We truly hope that everyone was able to relax and reset over the last two weeks with family and friends. We are encouraging everyone to enter 2022 with good health, happiness, and positive intentions.


A few days ago, Amanda Gorman, 23-year-old poet, released a moving poem titled  “New Day’s Lyric.”  As we move forward into the new year, please take a few moments to listen to Ms. Gorman’s poem.  It reflects on 2021 and intertwines themes of struggle, hope, resiliency, and healing.  


COVID Update

As we prepare for our return from winter break, please assist us in maintaining a safe and healthy school environment by getting tested if you have symptoms of COVID-19 or believe you have been exposed to the virus.  If you test positive, please email Mr. Darren Williams, Assistant Principal, at Use this link HERE to access additional information from WCPSS.



Staff and students who have symptoms, regardless of vaccination status should get tested and isolate from others while waiting for a result. (If testing is not possible, follow the guidance below as if you are positive.)


Isolation Requirements

Staff and students who test positive, regardless of vaccination status, and: 

  • Do not have symptoms – should isolate yourself from others for 5 days.
  • Have symptoms – should isolate from others until fever-free and symptoms are improving. You should isolate yourself for at least 5 days since your symptoms began.


Quarantine Requirements

Staff and students who are exposed to someone with COVID-19, and: 

  • Not vaccinated – stay away from others for 5 days, get tested on day 5 after exposure, and if you test negative, you may return to school or work.
  • Vaccinated and eligible for a booster, but not yet boosted – stay away from others for 5 days, get tested on day 5 after exposure, and if you test negative, you may return to school or work.
  • Vaccinated, and have either received a booster or are not yet eligible for a booster – you do not need to stay away from others.


Senior Information


Senior Muffin (Donut) Day

Parents, we need your help!  Wednesday, January 5 is senior muffin day!  To shake things up a bit, we are serving donuts instead of muffins.  If you can help out, please sign up using this link HERE! 

Senior Activities Committee Meeting

On the first Wednesday of each month, parents, students, and staff will meet in the media center at 6:00 pm to discuss “Senior Activities.” Our next meeting is Wednesday, January 5.  Seniors and senior parents are welcome to attend.


Exam Update

As final exams for the fall semester begin Monday, January 10.  Below are some tips for success:

  • Afternoon review sessions are optional
  • When students are dismissed from their exam, they are allowed to be checked out from the cafeteria
  • Seniors are risk-free if they want to take the exam
  • Please bring your WCPSS chrome book to school fully charged
  • Eat a healthy breakfast and go to sleep in a timely manner
  • Buses will run at 2:18


2022-23 School Assignment


Each year, students receive their school assignment notifications that inform parents of a student’s school assignment for the next school year, the level of transportation the student is expected to receive, as well as a timeline of upcoming important dates.  Questions? Contact Judy Miller at or the Office of Student Assignment 


1).  If you have a PowerSchool account, you will need to log on to your child’s account and follow the instructions to find this information:

PowerSchool Log-in Directions Reminder

Visual of Parent Portal


2).  If you do not have a PowerSchool account, you will be mailed a yellow student assignment strip.


If you are satisfied with your assignment, no action is required on your part.  Rising 6th and 9th-grade students are automatically assigned to their base middle or high school.  If you would like to request a different school assignment for your child, please review the information provided on the assignment strip.


 Papa John’s Gator Bites Spirit Night

Gator Bite Spirit Night Thur, Jan 6 all day/all night!!
Delivery, carry out, drive up pick up all options available. 
The address is 1238 West William St., Apex NC.
Or you can call ahead to order! 
  • Hours: Delivery hours 10 AM to 11 PM
  • Carry out hours 10 AM to 10:25 PM
  • Drive-up pick up hours 10 AM to 9 PM
  • Don’t forget to mention Green Level high school when you order so that we can get cashback to go back towards our fundraisers.