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2023-24 Parking Pass Information


2023-24 Parking Pass INFORMATION (PDF) HERE


Only students who possess a valid North Carolina Driver's License can apply for parking. Permits and out-of-state licenses will not be accepted. All vehicles registered must have a valid NC registration. No out-of-state registrations will be accepted.

The process to apply for 2023-2024 school parking is completely online. You can access the application on the school website in the "Wakefield News" section.  Students must sign into their WAKEID and,

Complete the application online, which includes uploading: 

  • Copy of driver’s license
  • Copy of the registration card for each vehicle registered
  • Proof of payment of parking fee ($200.00 as designated by the WCPSS)
  • Acknowledgement of contract concerning parking rules and regulations

All outstanding fines and fees must be paid prior to receiving a parking pass. 


Parking passes may be picked up in the main office beginning Monday, July 17, 2023.  Passes will be distributed between 9:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.  Parking passes will not be distributed August 28-September 1.  Passes not picked up prior to Monday, August 21, may be picked up during the scheduled times listed below. 

  • Monday, August 21                  Students last names: A-El
  • Tuesday, August 22                 Students last names: Em-Li
  • Wednesday, August 23           Students last names: Lj-Reh
  • Thursday, August 24               Students last names: Rei-Z
  • Friday, August 25                     Passes will not be distributed


Students in violation of parking rules and regulations (see page 2 of this document) are subject to ticketing and/or revocation of parking privileges. 

  • Parking applications will be available to North Carolina licensed drivers (no out of state licenses or permits) only as approved by the principal. 


  • Two students may elect to share a parking space. Each student may register up to 2 cars per space. The agreement between 2 students to share a space must be worked out between them; this agreement shall be kept in force the entire school year. All Wake County and Wakefield High School Parking Rules and Regulations will apply to both students sharing a space. Paperwork for both students must be complete. 


  • Students who park on campus MUST display the school issued hang tag at all times on the rearview mirror with numbers facing outward toward the front of the car. Students who fail to properly display the hang tag will be ticketed. Repeated failure to display the hang tag may result in parking privileges being revoked. 


  • Vehicles must park in assigned spaces. Vehicles must be parked front end first. Backing into spaces is not permitted per WCPSS policy. Students may not park on the road, driveway, intersection or other school campuses during the school day.  


  • Handicapped parking is state-mandated only. Parking for students disabled due to injury may be obtained on an individual basis in the main office. 


  • Temporary parking is $5 a day. Vehicles parked in unauthorized areas will be ticketed and/or towed at the owner’s expense.  Students should purchase the pass and receive a hangtag BEFORE parking in the lot.


  • Vehicles must not travel in excess of 10 miles per hour while on campus. Along with other high schools around the state, Wakefield is participating in the Governor’s Click It or Ticket: Securing Your Future Program. Students must wear their seatbelts when entering, exiting, and while driving on campus. Failure to do so will result in revocation of parking privileges.  


  • Speeding and reckless driving are prohibited and will result in revocation of parking privileges.


  • Supervision is provided for parking lots; however, the school is not responsible for damages to or theft from vehicles. Students are cautioned NOT to leave valuables in their vehicles. Parked vehicles should be left with windows closed and doors locked.  


  • Vehicles are subject to search and seizure (Policy 6600) if there is reasonable suspicion that drugs, alcohol, weapons or dangerous instruments, stolen property or other contraband are present. School Board Policy 6430 prohibits the possession or use of tobacco products on campus. 


  • Only one tag will be issued per space. The tag may be moved from one registered vehicle to another but may not be loaned to students who are not registered for the parking spot. Any changes must be made electronically and the main office should be notified. 


  • Refunds for fees will be made if the student moves out of WCPSS. All refunds will be made pro-rata, based on a $20 per month not used basis. Early grads must return parking tags for a refund. Tags may not be transferred to other students. Lost tags can be replaced for a $25 fee. Forged tags will be seized and parking privileges revoked. 


Parking fees will NOT be refunded for: 

1. Voluntary withdrawal from school (dropping out) 

2. Long term suspension from school 

3. School-based disciplinary action related to loss of parking privilege 

4. Loss of driving privilege due to revocation of operator’s license


  • The student purchasing a parking tag is the only person who may park in the spot identified by the number on the tag. 
  • If a student holding a parking space transfers within WCPSS, he/ she will be assigned a space at the new school with no payment due (Original tag must be returned to the original school. If no space is available at the new school, the original school will make a refund). 


  • Loitering in the parking lot is prohibited. Students should lock their cars and leave the lot upon arriving at school. Written permission is needed from an administrator, the SRO, or the parking attendant to be in the lot during school hours. 


  • Students who operate a motor vehicle on campus should understand their duties and responsibilities. Under School Board Policy 7170, students who violate parking regulations are subject to the following consequences: revocation of parking privileges, ticketing, booting or towing at the owner’s expense, and disciplinary action or criminal charges as prescribed by law.


  • Excessive tardiness to school or back from lunch, tickets, or fines for lost or damaged items may result in a revocation of parking passes. Student behavior and grades may also impact the privilege of driving to school.


  • Parking a vehicle on school property is a privilege. No student may park on campus without registering the vehicle and purchasing a pass. Please review all regulations and call the school if you have questions. 


  • Once students arrive on the school campus, they may not walk or drive off school campus without permission. Doing so will result in a loss of parking privilege. 

Parking Ticket Fines:

1. $10.00….(1) No parking tag; (2) Backing into a space; (3) Not parking in the lines (4) Vehicle not registered; (5) Not parking in assigned space






 Please contact the main office at 919.562.3600 with questions.