Moore Square Community Garden Club

  • When: 

    October 17
    October 31
    November 13
    November 27
    December 5
    December 12

    Where: Room 2230

    Advisor: Robin Oke (

    Overview: RATIO Architects (formerly Cherry Huffman Architects) founded the M2M3 Community Garden Club with Moore Square Magnet Middle School in August 2009. Our mission is to create and maintain a sustainable, organic garden at the school in the city of Raleigh’s downtown core. Our efforts will be to teach the students, staff, and community about the benefits of small-scale sustainable agriculture and healthy eating and to further develop knowledge of science and math principles. The garden is designed and maintained using sound ecological and organic practices that are reflected in all aspects of the project, from the way the food is grown, harvested, and prepared, to the recycling of waste back into the earth to the snacks served at meetings. The 1,000 square foot long, narrow, organic garden is inspired by the vegetable gardens at Thomas Jefferson’s Virginia home, Monticello. The year-round garden involves middle school students in all aspects of planning and creating the garden – from taking soil samples, to planting seedlings to weeding and maintaining the garden. Students, staff, teachers, parents, and community volunteers plan, develop, and manage the garden. During harvest time, students prepare, serve and eat the food grown as a means of awakening their senses and encouraging awareness of nourishment, community, and stewardship of the land. The garden is a member of the Interfaith Food Shuttle’s Plant a Row for the Hungry Program and continuously donates surplus produce throughout the growing season. The club is currently sponsored by Raleigh Garden Club and Acropolis Engineering.

    The Garden Club is also a great help in maintaining the plants in and around the school. 

    How to Join: Students must apply using this form to receive information regarding allergies and equipment safety rules. Students must provide their own snacks, water bottle, sunscreen, and insect repellent.

    (updated 9/1/23)


     Students watering plants. Gardent club members being silly with harvested veggies.