• Kenneth Lesher

    AIG Lead Teacher


    (919) 664-5737

    "The purpose of Wake County School's Academically and Intellectually Gifted Program is to provide a challenging and rigorous educational program for students who show or have potential of a high performance level in comparison to peers of the same age group, experience and environment. Gifted education in Wake County is provided for students who consistently perform above grade level and demonstrate need for additional rigorous academic differentiation in kindergarten through grade twelve."


    As always, the Moore Square staff is greatly looking forward to working with you and your student. We will be working very hard this year to ensure that our teachers provide rigorous and challenging instruction for all students that will allow them to reach their maximum learning potential. Please feel free to contact me at kclesher@wcpss.net or (919) 664-5737 with questions or concerns concerning the AIG program at Moore Square.

    If you develop an issue or concern with a specific teacher, please contact that teacher directly. The phone number to Moore Square is (919) 664-5737 where a message will be taken and sent to the teacher by the end of the school day or a listing of teacher email addresses can be found online at the Moore Square website and you can email the teacher directly.