Athletics at the Square

  • We are the Mountain Lions, but because Moore Square Magnet Middle School has a small student population of around 670, we cannot support our own athletic team sports. However, we do partner with Ligon Magnet Middle School to offer team sports opportunities. Interested seventh and eighth graders may tryout for sports teams at Ligon. Sixth-grade students are not allowed to participate in sports teams at any middle school. Those students who participate take a brief shuttle ride from Moore Square to Ligon MS after school for tryouts, practices, and games.  



    Fall: Football, Girls Volleyball, Girls Soccer, and Cheerleading

    Winter: Boys and Girls Basketball and Cheerleading (same girls that cheered in the fall)

    Spring: Boys and Girls Track, Boys Soccer, and Girls Softball


    2021 Calendar

    • Season 2/Fall Sports - February 22-March 19
      • Volleyball, Girls’ Soccer, Football, and Cheerleading
    • Season 3/Spring Sports- March 22 - April 30
      • Softball, Boys’ Track and Field, Girls’ Track and Field, Boys’ Soccer
    • Season 1/Winter Sports - May 3 - May 21
      • Boys’ Basketball, Girls’ Basketball, and Cheerleading
  • Mountain Lion Logo

  • Girl in Ligon MS sweatshirt Boy in Ligon MS jacket Student in Ligon MS t-shirt