Be the Man

  • Be the Man is an organization called to uplift and mentor the boys we work with, and transform them from lost or aimless youths to an honorable team of young men with a mission. Our aims are to:

    1. Teach them to respect authority

    2. Respect others, especially females

    3. Ultimately respect themselves.

    Some of those things that draw us together as we train are 

    • Camaraderie, being a part of something bigger than themselves, belonging, etc.
    • Physical training
    • Teaching leadership skills
    • Practice of dining etiquette
    • Teaching interaction with the girls and ladies
    • Hearing from motivational speakers
    • Community service (i.e. clean up Moore Square)
    • Work with Business Alliance, giving them unusual opportunities

    Be the Man meets EVERY Thursday in Mr. Anderson's room 2217 from 2:20-4:30 pm starting August 8, 2018.


    (updated 8/6/19)