Senior Class of 2022

  • Senior Night Information:

    Graduation Attire: 

    Seniors are required to wear their cap/gown to Senior Night and Graduation. Gowns should be wrinkle free (steam it or place it on a hanger for a while). Caps are always worn straight on the head without a tilt. Tassels should hang over the right side of the cap.  

    Additionally, under the cap and gown, students have the following options for dress:

    1. Simple dress or skirt/top (No maxi-dresses/maxi-skirts. It should not be seen hanging below the graduation gown). Nothing should show in the open neck area. 
    2. Dress top/blouse with dark dress pants (black, charcoal, or maroon). Nothing should show in the open neck area. 
    3. Solid white dress-shirt with dark tie or bow tie and dark dress pants. Dress pants and tie color options are black, charcoal, or maroon. This is the only situation where something should show in the open neck area.
    4. All dress-shoes should be plain (no embellishments) and black, maroon or gray/silver. Closed or open-toed dress shoes or sandals are allowed.
    5. Minimal jewelry 
    6. Only stoles/cords/pins that are given at Senior Day should be worn during Senior Night and Graduation. If you have more than 1 stole, the Wakefield Stole (Silver or Black), must be on top. This is to maintain consistency as a senior class.

    Seniors should NOT wear:

    • Jeans, leggings, khakis or cargo pants (dress pants only).
    • White socks (black or dark socks only)
    • Tennis shoes, deck shoes/topsiders, flip flops or boots of any kind. (dress shoes only)
    • Purses under gowns. All purses, keys, cameras etc... must be left in the staging area or given to a family member prior to the ceremony.

    Any student, due to circumstances or hardship, who cannot acquire the necessary items to meet the dress code requirements should contact their school counselor as soon as possible.


    • All Seniors must be in Cap & Gowns for Senior Night
    • Seniors need to arrive tonight by 5:00pm, dressed, with all their regalia
    • Seniors need to report to their room in order to line up, be checked for wardrobe, and have attendance taken by line leaders.
    • If you need clothing for graduation, please see your Counselor.
    • Any lost tassels or caps are $12 each.
    • If you have a family member that is handicapped, please fill out the form located below ASAP!


    Senior Parent Graduation Meeting

    Senior Timeline 2022 


            RSVP for Baccalaureate

    Graduation Accommodations for Guest Seating

    Senior Survey

    Scholarship Reporting Form

    Graduation Speaker Application

    WHS Scholarship Bulletin  

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     Senior Parent Information Session:


    Senior Parent Night PowerPoint

    Senior Parent Night Questions & Answers from the Chat

    Senior Conference Forms

    (Seniors please review the Senior Conference Forms prior to your scheduled senior appointment.)  

     Creating a CFNC Account

     Financial Aid Poster

    Interested in meeting with the Financial Aid Counselor to talk about completing the FAFSA?

    • Appointments with Ms. Waldrum will be held on Thursdays from 9:00 AM until 1:00 PM.
    • Call Ms. Torres, Student Services Secretary, at 919-562-3600, to schedule and appointment.

    Transcript Request information:

    Transcripts have been uploaded to PowerSchool, so you can now use to request that transcripts be sent to four year and community colleges in North Carolina. Go to, click on "apply now," and then go to "Transcript Manager." You'll need to make sure your CFNC profile has accurate information including your student ID number.

    To send transcripts to out-of-state colleges, to scholarship committees, etc., you should continue to use the Wake County Schools online request form that is found at:

    College Application Planning Sheet:

    Do you need assistance in keeping your college applications and all of the needed components organized? This planning sheet (click here) may help you!

    Resume Information:
    Creating a resume is helpful in showcasing a student's skills, accomplishments, and activities to any organization such as employers, service agencies, and colleges/universities. Also, a resume can assist teachers, counselors, employers, and community leaders in writing a recommendation for college and/or scholarship applications when requested. Finally, creating a resume enables the student to become more aware of their level of involvement and to assess what areas need to be strengthened during high school in preparation for post HS pursuits. A resume enables the student to keep an ongoing record throughout high school.

    Resume Writing Tips

    Sample Resume 

Upcoming Senior Dates:

  • Senior Night: Tuesday, May 24th at 6pm

    Seniors must arrive by 5:00pm!!

    Dressed and in your Cap and Gown!

    Graduation Rehearsal:

    Thursday, June 10th from 8-11am at Wakefield HS

    Seniors must arrive by 7:45am!!

    No Cap and Gowns needed!

    Graduation: Wednesday, June 15th at 8:00am

    Seniors must arrive by 7:00am!!

    Dressed and in your Cap and Gown!

Senior Fees

UPDATE: All unpaid Senior fees can be paid on-line. You can do that through the on-line payment portal HERE