School Improvement Team

    The purpose of a school improvement plan is to improve the quality of teaching and learning in a school, so that greater numbers of students achieve proficiency in the core academic subjects of reading and mathematics. Joyner's plan was developed by a team of representatives from all grade levels and academic areas in the school. It has been approved by the entire staff and serves to help guide the instructional methods and professional development at Joyner. 

    School Improvement Team Members:                                                     
    Kathryn Hutchinson, Principal
    Shari Burton, Assistant Principal
    Denise Smith, Instructional Resource Teacher
    Dominique Orr, Magnet Coordinator
    Sofi Frankowski, Parent 
    Christina Bell,  Teacher
    Kristin Beller, Teacher
    Joanna Kaswarra, Teacher
    Phyllis Moore, Teacher
    Laura Munster,  Teacher
    Rose O'Lone, Teacher 
    Stephanie Severn, Teacher
    Laura Sollazzo-Doran, Teacher
    Jo Wallace, Teacher