• Major Clarity Career Platform

    Major Clarity is an online career and college readiness program which helps students build a foundation that is essential for preparing them for life after high school. This platform, used by all Wake County Public School middle and high school students, is available free of charge.

    Additionally, this platform provides one location for students, counselors, parents, administrators and other educators to house and access future planning resources.  Directly through the platform, students will access academic and career planning tools. They can explore a broad range of career and college options. MajorClarity guides students through taking ownership of their career readiness and postsecondary planning.

    Major Clarity includes personality assessments, career interest inventories, individualized career guidance, virtual college tours, resume-building, scholarship access, college admissions, and access to participate in interactive career-specific activities and video interviews with people directly in the field.

    Student/Parent Sign-in Instructions:  watch a visual presentation:

    1. Go to platform.majorclarity.com

    2. Input student's school email address   

    3. Enter Major Clarity password (this is the first 4 characters of the student's last name) + (student lunch number)

            a. All lowercase

            b. Special characters ARE included 

            c. For short last names ONLY, add "0" to the end of the password to reach the minimum of 8 characters.

    4. Click Sign in with Google.

    5. Optional- Students may changed their password by clicking "Edit my Profile"

           a. Student passwords must be 8 characters in length.




    Career Exploration Program

    Career planning is a life-long process.  Many students try to make a decision about college or careers before they have really spent time thinking about their own interests, values, talents and abilities.  Students may request a personalized career assessment.  The ASVAB Career Exploration Program is designed to help students learn more about themselves.  It will identify interests, while clarifying what is important or valued most by the student.  Additionally, students will learn specific career options while exploring their Holland Codes. Students may request a personalized Career Assessment by emailing their Career Development Coordinator, Mrs. K. Coble.