• Fine Arts Department


    The Fine Arts Department at Apex Friendship High School includes both performing arts and visual arts.  In each program, all students are welcome to enter the program at an entry level and then progress throughout their high school experience as far as they choose!  Each program provides options for honors courses and, in some cases, Advanced Placement (AP) courses.

    Our performing arts program includes the following:

    • Dance
    • Instrumental Music (Band)
    • Vocal Music (Chorus)
    • Theatre including a Technical Theatre program

    Our visual arts program includes:

    • multiple levels of visual arts courses
    • sculpture & ceramics
    • Advanced Placement 2-D & 3-D art courses

    Exact course offerings each year are based on student demand and availability of staff.    


    Please feel free to reach out to our program leaders for more questions about the specific program that interests you.  Contacts include: