• Language Immersion at Jeffreys Grove

    Jeffreys Grove offers a full Spanish Immersion program, the first of its kind in Wake County. Students in our program are learning what every child needs to know; math, reading, science, social studies, all in Spanish.

    By participating in the full Spanish language immersion program, students will:

    • develop proficiency in English and Spanish;

    • increase academic performance;

    • learn about culture and language; and

    • prepare to meet the challenges of a globally-dependent society.

     Benefits of Language Immersion

    The Spanish Immersion program offers unique benefits to our students. Learning a second language has been proven to engage and develop areas of the brain that monolingual learners don’t. This results in a proven increase in problem-solving skills, higher levels of creativity, and flexibility in thinking and approaching tasks. Bilingual learners consistently outperform their monolingual peers on standardized tests and have an easier time with reading comprehension tasks as well as engaging in challenging tasks for longer periods of time. The benefits of the program extend to students’ social-emotional development.

    Our students are exposed to different cultures and perspectives, through the use of authentic texts that reflect the Hispanic culture, and more directly, through their interactions with highly qualified, native Spanish-speaker teachers. Ultimately, the Spanish Immersion program at Jeffreys Grove equips students with cultural awareness and the cognitive skills necessary to thrive in a global society.