• Middle School Registration

    Welcome to that exciting time of year when you review the courses you will take during the upcoming school year. The Middle School Planning Guide is designed to help parents and students make important decisions about course selections and provide information to promote a successful middle school experience. Our goal is to provide a quality educational experience for all students.

    Parents and students are encouraged to use all registration materials to plan a program of study that will promote success. We also encourage parents and students to review the WCPSS 2020-2021 Middle School Planning Guide for important information regarding the planning and registration process.

    Please use the Middle School Electives By School link to find what your designated Middle School offers. These offerings are specific to each of those schools, so be sure to click the link to the school that your child has been assigned to. 

    Your child's guidance counselor and teachers are always available to assist you in making course selections that are appropriate for your child’s future. Please contact Mrs. Jacobs or your child's teacher if you need assistance.

    Working together, parents, students, and the school can ensure that wise decisions are made concerning programs and courses for the upcoming school year.

    Middle School Pathway - If you would like your 5th grade student to continue to Spanish Immersion program at Oberlin Middle and Oberlin is not your base, you must go online and submit a magnet application Magnet Schools / Application Process which closes on January 15,2021.There is no automatic assignment. Students that do not apply will be assigned to their base middle school.