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Participate: Spanish Immersion Program

  • The Participate Spanish Language Immersion program offers students an opportunity to develop English acquisition as well as a second language (Spanish) development. The standard curriculum is utilized throughout all of the language immersion programs. Students, however, take their literacy, math, social studies and science classes in Spanish. While students are together for their immersion experience, they have the opportunity to participate in Specials, taught in English, during other parts of the day. Students in the immersion program become bilingual and bi-literate in English and Spanish. 

    Jeffreys Grove Elementary was fortunate to offer a Spanish Immersion program beginning with kindergarten students in 2012-13.  Each year thereafter, we have added another Kindergarten cohort and moved each cohort up a grade level.  Beginning with the school year 2015-16 we became a Spanish Language Immersion Magnet School.


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