Intervention and Other Academic Support

  • In addition to core instruction Intervention Services will provide the structures for students, schools and families equitable opportunities to increase student growth. Equitable opportunities will be determined by collecting and analyzing pertinent data in order to provide targeted research based interventions.
    RtI is a multi-tiered system of supports to support all students. At Tier I, school staff provide differentiated core instruction on a regular basis for all students. Differentiated classroom instruction should be meeting the needs of at least 80% of the students in a class based on universal screenings and formative assessments. Professional learning teams analyze class and student data. When a class has at least 80% or more of the students demonstrating mastery, interventions are implemented for the students not demonstrating mastery. In Tier I these can be group interventions such as small group instruction, additional time provided for specific concept, etc.

    When a student continues to demonstrate difficulty they may require additional supplemental instruction provided by a Tier II intervention teacher. A specific intervention matched to the student needs is implemented and progress monitored for effectiveness. This can be done by the classroom teacher or an intervention teacher. When a student's difficulties place them at risk for academic failure and the student is not progressing toward grade promotion, then a Personal Education Plan (PEP) is developed. In WCPSS, this applies to students in all grades, K-12.

    Every Wake County school has a Tier III Team. The goal of this team is to strengthen and support the individual student by analyzing all available data within a problem solving approach. Members of the team, which the parent can be a part of, will create a plan with strategic interventions matched to the student need. Interventions will be more intensive in duration frequency than those provided at Tier I and Tier II. This plan will be monitored to ensure the intervention is an effective intervention for this particular student.