Arrival and Dismissal

  • Students may enter the building once the 8:45 am bell rings.  The late bell will ring at 9:15 am.  If your student arrives after this time, you will need to come to the door and scan the QR code.  Once submitted, ring the doorbell, wait for office staff to open the door.


    The dismissal bell rings at 3:45 pm. Students may not be checked out after 3:15pm. Teachers are instructing until the very end of the day. Students should only be checked out early due to exceptional circumstance. Parents are asked to make appointments for students after 3:45, whenever possible. Valuable instructional time is lost due to early checkouts.  When checking out a student early follow these instructions.  Come to the door with ID in hand.  Scan and fill out QR code, once submitted, ring the doorbell and wait for office staff to assist and check your ID.  It may take a moment to get your child - thanks for your patience.


    Any change in transportation should be made by 12:15 pm with the teacher or office.