Spanish Immersion FAQs

  • How is homework done?

    Homework is sent in both languages for parents to understand the tasks students need to carry out. These tasks must be done in Spanish. It is given on Monday and they need to return it by Friday.

    Can we read books in English?

    Yes! This is highly recommended. It is important to read daily in English, BUT DO NOT ASK YOUR KIDS TO SPELL WORDS IN ENGLISH. This will make them confused with the Spanish phonemic awareness.

    Where can we find Spanish resources?

    -Students will have access to RAZ KIDS (read online leveled books in Spanish)

    -Parents can purchase books online in SCHOLASTIC with a code the teacher will give you.

    -Parents can buy books at our school book fairs.

    -There are also 2 stores in Raleigh where you can buy books and other resources such as flashcards, posters, Spanish words, etc. These stores are: THE TEACH ME STORE and STONE'S EDUCATION.

    When do they start learning English?

    They start learning English in Second Grade and it is intensified in third, fourth and fifth successively.

    Do they interact with other kindergarteners?

    Yes! They have recess together, so they play and share with other kindergarteners.

    How can we help at home?

    -Reading books in English.

    -Watching the Spanish links, found in the newsletters, at home (Spanish songs related to literacy and math)

    -Reviewing the vocabulary specified in the newsletters.

    -Encouraging kids to be independent when carrying out their homework.

    How can we help in the classroom?

    There is an opportunity to be a parent volunteer in the classroom to help during literacy centers and during math centers. The teacher will set up a volunteer parent orientation meeting to discuss expectations and how the work will be carried out.

    How do they perform in the NC state assessments if they are in English?

    Our Spanish Immersion students historically have the same or higher scores compared to the traditional (English speaking) classes. There are many research studies that confirm these results. It is amazing how they can transfer the information in both languages.

    How does it work if my child already knows how to read in Spanish?

    There is differentiated instruction in Literacy and in Math. They will all be working to achieve the same common core standard, but they will be challenged according to their skills.

    What happens if my child struggles?

    The teacher will refer the case to an administrator in order to analyze his/her difficulties. The parents will be notified and together (teacher, parents, and administrator) make a decision for the benefit of the child.

    How can we know about what they are learning about?

    There is a newsletter that contains all the vocabulary learned in all subjects in Spanish and in English. Besides, it will inform you about the school and class events happening monthly. This newsletter is sent every Monday with the topics covered the previous week.