Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Ahmed Benamrane

English Second Language

Hi, my name is Ahmed Benamrane. I was born and raised in Morocco, a country where the diverse cultures of Africa and Europe meet. I am the eldest in my small family as I have a younger brother and sister. Notwithstanding, in the big family tree, I see myself located in the middle as I have thirty-six cousins, ten uncles, and eight aunts. A big family isn’t it! I got my Master’s degree in Sociology and Migration Studies in 2015. In the same year, I moved to the land of honey and milk aspiring for the American dream! I started working at RCES since February 2016. Since my first day at this fabulous school, I have enjoyed my job as a Teacher Assistant. As an educator, I strongly believe that every single student worth attention, love, and care. We are here because of them, that is why our first and last concern should be for the sake of their success and development.