• **Registering for an AP course? You will need to submit this AP Agreement by 4/12**

    CCP (College and Career Promise): Students wishing to take a course through another institution (approved local colleges/universities, etc.) should schedule an appointment with the Dean of Students, Mr. Miller, to get more details. Students may earn high school and college credit upon successful completion of courses. You will need to submit the WCPSS Dual Enrollment application and a copy of your WTCC schedule for your application to be processed, the courses to appear on your transcript, and your RHS schedule to be adjusted (if requested). The application deadlines for CCP are July 26, 2024 for Fall semester and December 13, 2024 for Spring semester. 

    Mid-year/Early Graduation: Students wishing to graduate mid-year or in 3 years must submit a completed Early Grad Application to Student Services by June 14, 2024.  

    Partial Day: A partial day is allowed only during a student’s final semester of his/her senior year and is only available to seniors who have a demonstrated need for a reduced course load due to job/work obligations. This must be demonstrated through documentation from the student’s employer and parent/guardian. Students with attendance, tardy, or discipline concerns will not be granted a Partial Day request. The deadline to submit a Partial Day application is August 2, 2024 for the Fall and December 2, 2024 for the Spring 

    CTE Internship: An internship is an experience in which a high school student learns by taking on a responsible role as a worker in a company or organization and then reflects on what happened while in the workplace.  The Internship Program is a supplement to formal classroom instruction.  Its intent is to significantly add to the vitality of the instructional program and to impact the courses that a student has taken or will take.  Internships are for juniors and seniors and must be at least 135 hours.  Students will earn a credit (1) for the internship. The deadlines to submit a CTE internship application are July 26, 2024 for Fall 2024 internships and December 13, 2024 for Spring 2025 internships. Please contact our CDC, Nancy Evans (nevans@wcpss.net), to get more information.