• When you fill out the registration form, please select your classes carefully. You will have very limited opportunities to make changes. Course verifications are due by April 16; please refer to registration video for instructions on how to verify your courses. After April 16, changes to course requests can only be made if dropping an AP course using the AP drop form (must be done by July 9) or during the schedule change request window in August, when there will be a very limited criteria for approved requests.

     You will only be able to submit the registration form ONCE.


    Course Verification for Registration

    Once you have completed the Registration Form, do the following for Course Verification by April 16:

    • Email to yourself the PDF and/or Download and Save the PDF
    • If you DO NOT want changes:  Email your Counselor the PDF of your Registration and say "no changes"
    • If you DO want changes:  Parent/Guardian must email Counselor the PDF and the list of changes

    Note: Only ONE email (the 1st email) will be accepted for Course Verification. Changes will not be accepted after the 1st verification email.