Carnegie Mellon's Pre-College programs in the fine arts are six-week residential experiences that provide high school students with the opportunity to develop their skills in a conservatory or studio setting.  For years, Carnegie Melon has been recognized for the quality of education that is provided within our College of Fine Arts.  Through the Pre-College program, high school students have access to this instruction and mentorship from full-time faculty members.  

    Our summer Pre-College program options in the fine arts include the following:

    Architecture, provides students architectural experience within the studio, supported by integrated coursework in analog drawing, digital media, seminars and workshops.

    Art, where students will hone their craft through challenging courses, critique, workshops, and portfolio development.

    Design, for students who would like to receive a foundation of Design skills through studio learning, lectures, and critiques.

    Drama, for students who would like to build their audition repertoire and portfolio with acclaimed faculty.

    Music, where students participate in a conservatory-style curriculum and experience life within a research university.

    Go to https://www.cmu.edu/pre-college for more information.




    Virtual Enrichment Courses Designed to Ignite LearningAnavo Academies offers virtual academic summer camps and classes for High School students.  Courses are offered in multiple disciplines and are designed to be accessible both in cost and delivery format.  Virtual summer camps consist of three four-hour days whereas virtual classes meet on a single four-hour day.  All Anavo Academies Faculty are experts with years of experience teaching and conducting research at College and Universities or are practicing professionals in their areas of expertise.

    Camps - https://www.anavoacademies.com/camps

    Classes - https://www.anavoacademies.com/classes

    Registration - https://www.anavoacademies.com/registration




    Do you know a student who is ready to test their skills and expand their knowledge this summer?  Then you should let them know about Tuft's Summer Pre-College Programs.

    In one of the many programs options they'll challenge themselves alongside like-minded peers at a top university.

    Go to https://universitycollege.tufts.edu/high-school today to learn more.



    The Summer Immersion Program is an opportunity for high school students (9th-12th grade) to pursue their passions, immerse themselves in a career pathway or field of study, and engage with Wake Forest faculty and professionals.  With 20 unique Institutes being offered on-campus and online, we are excited to offer options for everyone.


    (Medicine, Biosciences and Engineering, Neuroscience, Psychology, Virtual Reality)


    (Law, Leadership, Policy and Politics, Debate and Public Advocacy


    (Entrepreneurship, finance and Investing, Sports Marketing)


    (Animation, Film, and Writing for Life) 

    Go to https://immersion.summer.wfu.edu for more information.




    The Edge summer college program is a five-week, credit-bearing college experience.  Edge is designed for high school students moving into their junior and senior years.  Students i Edge will have the opportunity to attend college courses taught by University of Delaware faculty, participate in on-and off-campus curricular and co-curricular activities, and live in UD residence hall.

    More information about this program, and the link to apply, can be found at www.udel.edu/edge.




    The Association for Pre-College Program Directors are proud to present a series of virtual events that provide students and their families the opportunity to learn about academic summer programs at top US college and universities.

    Representatives from John Hopkins Engineering (Explore Engineering Innovation and Biomedical Engineering Innovation) will be at the fairs on:

    January 9 - registration now open - there is no charge to attendees!

    February 3

    February 20

    March 3

    At each fair, attendees may:

    Visit virtual booths, where you can ask questions via text or video chat with summer program representatives.

    View helpful webinars on how to choose a summer program, how to strengthen your application, how to make the most out of your summer program experience.


    Registration is FREE to attendees.  We invite you to visit the Virtual Fairs website at https://www.summerstudyintheusa.org/virtualstudentfairs for complete information on dates, times and which institutions will be represented at each event.  We also encourage you to visit SummerStudyintheUSA.org, where you can search participating programs by your grade level, academic interests, and more.