M2 Elective REVIEWS by Students

  • Magnet Marketing is a WOW Wednesday team of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders who help with ideas and projects to promote the Moore Square Magnet theme. One project this group initiated is elective reviews written by students. It is their hope this information will peak the interest of current and prospective students and assist in determining elective choices.

    Archery By Luz P.

    This class is challenging but that's what makes it fun. It can also be competitive sometimes. You can learn how to use a bow and arrow and hit the target. By the end of the elective you'll have better aiming than you did before! Once you are good with those two then you will probably hit the center of the target more often. Everybody knows that nobody’s perfect on their first try so you shouldn’t be embarrassed if you miss a few times. Also as long as you follow the safety rules you can have fun with your friends. This would be a good choice because of how it can be challenging, competitive, and fun all at the same time. You can learn lots of things about archery.

    Chinese By Eleanor C. 

    Are you interested in learning a new language? Want to be able to say whatever you’d like in a whole new language? Then Chinese is for you! China is such an interesting place filled with beautiful scenery, delicious food, and a whole other language. In Chinese, you learn how to speak and write in the language of China! Mrs. Jacobs; the Chinese teacher, teaches Chinese through catchy melodies, interesting short films, and fun games & activities! It includes Beginning Chinese, Chinese 1, and Chinese 2, so you can take Chinese throughout your entire Moore Square experience! I definitely recommend signing up for Chinese!

    Creative Writing By Graham W.

    Hello there! Have you ever aspired to be a world-class writer? Or a journalist? Or anyone who writes in general? Well, we at Moore Square Middle School have just the elective for you: Creative Writing! Creative Writing is a class where you are given a prompt, or a genre, and you get to make a story based around it! It's held every day for a quarter in Mrs. Covington's Room. You usually have to make some other cool object as well, such as drawing your characters or making an object in real life, which also plays a big role in your story. Often times you are given quite a few days to write your story and another day to make these extra “objects.” Then, one by one, everybody presents. (If you have stage fright I’d recommend possibly not doing this class.) This class allows for you to share your cool ideas and present yourself in all new ways that you wouldn’t usually see yourself in! If you like writing or just being funny, I recommend signing up for this class! 

    Days of Knights by Ashton B.

    The fall of Rome, the rise of the church, and the bloody wars known as the Crusades. Take a trip through time with Mr. Anderson, learn and explore about the middle ages. Learn of Richard the Lion Heart, the Three Pope Crisis, and many, many more. Learn the ways of the knights, their castles, and even the kings they served. From east to west, the heroes of the middle ages shine through, in our skits and projects. Are you up for it?

    Drama Production by Cami F.

    Do you like to sing and dance? Then Magnet Drama Production is just the class for you. In this semester-long audition-based class, you will sing a couple of group numbers with many opportunities for solos. This class performs a song at First Friday and performs all of the songs during the winter concert. The teachers usually pick upbeats songs like Anna Kendrick’s “Cups” and “Seize the Day” from “Newsies”.

    Environmental Ecology by Leslie R.

    Environmental Ecology is a fun-filled elective that talks about different environments and the animals that live within them. Go around the world with Ms. Shoemaker and learn about all different types of environments like the Sahara Desert, rainforests, and even down in the ocean. Make travel guides for an environment of your choice and learn more about the world. Collaborate with your fellow classmates and even create your own environment and create your own animals. Environmental Ecology is an exciting and informational elective that I would recommend.

    Geology by Chad R.

    That class ROCKED! Well, as you can tell, I loved this class enough to write a bad pun about it. We learned the origins of earth as well as seeing minerals. I mean if it was a CORE class it’d be a HOT topic. All jokes aside, it’s an amazing class and we got to the CENTER of why earth exists. We do labs which involve, the rock cycle, how the earth formed, etc. All in all, it’s just another BRICK in the wall of education that some may enjoy, others will not. But I truly enjoyed it.

    Improvisation by Ruby R.

    Improvisation is an amazing quarter long elective taught by Ms. Craig, the drama teacher, at Moore Square. We play acting and theatre games involving making things up on the spot, thinking quick on your feet, and acting out scenes. Ms. Craig is an outstanding teacher, with a sense of humor and who knows how to communicate with her students. I highly recommend this elective to anyone who enjoys acting, theatre, and obviously improv!

    It’s in the News by Dmitri I. & Solomon J. 

    It’s in the News is an elective devoted to learning about current events. It helps students learn to analyze the news, detect fake news, and help them understand why and how it’s relevant to us. We learn about using different news sources and telling how reliable different sources are. In this elective, we do many news and current event related activities. For one, every week we pick an issue. We spend the week researching it, and then at the end of the week, we debate it. This year, so far, we have covered socialism, educational technology, immigration, and a few others. We will sometimes do current events. We pick an event and research it, then write a paragraph summary of it. We also do some activities on detecting and avoiding fake news. All in all, it is a great elective, and we recommend it. This elective is currently taught by Mrs. Houghton.

    Jazz Band by Tristan B.

    Jazz Band is a great experience where we play songs in many styles like Latin, Swing, and Rock. In Jazz Band we play out a Jazz Ensemble book and we also play songs of Mr. Byrd’s choice, like “Moondance”. Some of the songs in the ensemble book include “My Dinner with Ronald”, “Uncle Milos Side Show”, “Bossa Mediera”, and “Springs Awakening”. Mr Byrd is a great band teacher. He teaches us songs in the book as well as songs that he hand-picked. Mr. Byrd is a funny teacher who also can direct a great jazz band.

    Lab Busters by Charlotte M.

    Mrs. Kemp teaches Magnet Lab Busters and it's super fun because it's just a bunch of fun experiments you can do. You get to choose your groups and Mrs. Kemp is nice. One of my favorite experiments was making ice cream or soda explosions. Mrs. Kemp is one of the best teachers I’ve had and she’s so fun and chill. This elective is a good fun and not stressful class because you can just hangout with your friends and do fun experiments.it's my favorite class i've taken so far but there is a video and a worksheet every once and awhile buts it's fun because of the video. You can learn and have fun at the same time.

    Math Art by Solomon J.

    In this elective, students make mathematical artwork and projects. We learn about the golden ratio and the Fibonacci sequence, and we use them to create art. We also research some modern artists. Overall, this elective is a very good way to learn more about math and art. It is taught by Mrs. Rice, and the class is engaging and fun. As well, students are given the option to keep their art, or leave it at school to be displayed. I would recommend this elective to anyone who likes math, or art, or math and art! Even if you do not, you would enjoy this elective, and will come out of it with a new appreciation for math and art.

    Orchestra by Aden Wall 

    The orchestra is a fun and challenging elective, if you are the person to join (or not join) these are the reasons to join the orchestra

    • We are nice people, we are not mean or loud, and we respect the instrument, especially if you are a good bassist (Please be a bassist!)
    • You can make new friends in the orchestra 
    • We travel. The orchestra goes to Carowinds every year, and perform as a symphony with the band
    • Learning new instruments is easy as long as you put the time and effort into it.

    Percussion Ensemble by Collin H.

    Want to learn about rhythms? Want to learn many songs? Then Percussion Ensemble is for you! The class is currently being taught by Ms. Bumstead, and this class is for anyone who wants to learn and play Percussion Instruments and songs that go along with them. The main rhythms students will be learning will be of African origin. This class will mostly focus on the Djembe hand drum. Students will also be taught how to get the best sounds out of the drum, where to hit the drum properly, and a new song every week. So what are you waiting for? Sign up Today!

    Robotics A By Kanah B.

    Robotics A is a course where you learn all about robots and programming. Before taking this class, design and modeling is required, but is also a fun elective. The reason I really liked robotics is because it includes many hands-on activities such as building. We were given materials like screws, gears, poles, and other material to build something to solve a given problem. This elective gives you a chance to work with people you may not work with otherwise. This class also involves coding, which is something I enjoy. This class is taught by Mrs. Walters who is a great teacher and encourages us to think outside the box to solve real world problems. If you like this class I recommend taking robotics B which is a harder course. 

    Science Olympiad By Joe A.

    Science Olympiad is an elective where students pick topics and study them for a competition. Students have to apply for this elective by writing an essay and sending it to Mr. Hunter, the current teacher for this elective. There are two different types of subjects: builds and knowledge. In the knowledge activities, students study a subject and take a test on it at the competition. In a build activity, the build is displayed at the competition, usually the contraption will have to do something. The subjects can range from finding density to studying maps. Students have a partner for every topic they choose, and most students have 2-3 topics. The partner helps prepare for the competition and then helps during the competition.

    Student Council by Camryn R.

    Do you like being heard, taking charge and coordinating things? Sign up for student council! In student council you can change and have your voice heard to change how the school is and how to make it better. Student Council is run by Mr. Anderson, a seventh grade teacher who teaches social studies. Student Council is an all year class. In student council you are not technically learning, you are listening and coming up with new ideas to make the school better for the future students who come and also for yourself. Mr. Anderson is your advisor. Sometimes he pitches in to make sure things are going accordingly, but other than that, you are the real person in charge.

    Youth and Law by Jaretzy H. and Abby K.

    Youth and Law is an elective in which students expand their knowledge of the legal system and eventually get to participate in a mock trial either as an attorney or witness. This class is currently taught by Mrs. Sweeney, who participated in the mock trials at Carnage Middle School. Students learn about CSI, how trials work, objections, and how to ask questions. For the mock trial, students are given a case and each decides if they are Defense or the Prosecution/Plaintiff. They also choose whether they are a witness or an attorney. If you can commit to this class, aka signing the agreement form, then you can help us solve cases! If you like learning about the justice system, learning about how to be a good lawyer and witness, and competing against other schools in a heated law case, then we recommend taking this class!