• Curriculum Resources and Information

    Wake County Schools build a strong foundation for learning throughout a student's life. It is our goal to make sure that each student receives an equitable, rigorous and relevant education. We offer guidelines, resources and professional development for teachers, students, and families to make good decisions around learning. 


    Elementary Classrooms

    In Elementary our students gain foundational skills to advance their learning for life. We work in collaboration with our district to support and use the North Carolina Essential Standards to support the academic development of students in Kindergarten through Fifth Grade. We participate in curriculum and resources adopted by Wake County Public School. 

    See our guidelines below for Elementary Classrooms:

    • English Language Arts: Students in Grades K-2 spend 150 minutes reading and writing; Students in grades 3-5 spend 120 minutes in reading and writing.
    • Math: 60 minutes for grades K-2; 60-75 minutes for grades 3-5.
    • Science/Social Studies: 45 minutes for grades K-2; 50 minutes for grades 3-5.
    • Intervention and Enrichment: 20 minutes for grades K-2; 30 minutes for grades 3-5.
    • Arts, Healthful Living, Media/Tech, World Languages: 30-45 minutes, once a week for grades K-2; 45 minutes for grades 3-5.
    • Lunch: 30 minutes for all grades.


    Middle School Classrooms

    Middle schools are organized into interdisciplinary teams in which two to four teachers assume joint responsibility for the instructional program of a specific group of students. As a smaller middle school, our teams are primarily organized as Grade Levels. This organization offers advantages for students, teachers, and parents. As a team, teachers are better able to address students' needs, and parents will find communication with and among teachers to be easier. Teacher teams prove invaluable in assisting students as they make the academic and social transition between elementary school and high school. Middle School teachers are Hilburn also have a greater opportunity to collaborate with families due to the unique structure of our school. 


    See our current Middle School Schedule here.  

    We invite you to review more in-depth resources using the tools below about our current state and district resources for core areas of student learning.