Bus Information from the Handbook

  • The Wake County Public School System provides bus transportation for students who live in our base area.  Our foremost concern with student transportation is SAFETY.  In order for students to have a safe bus trip to and from school, bus safety rules must be followed. This service is a privilege that may be revoked if children exhibit inappropriate behavior or violate safety rules. Compliance of the following bus rules is absolutely necessary:

    • Arrive at your assigned bus stop on time.
    • While waiting for the bus, remain in the loading area, not in the street.
    • Wait until the bus stops before advancing to the bus.
    • Board the bus and be seated quickly in your assigned seat.
    • Talk softly with your neighbor when conversing on the bus.
    • Be completely quiet when the bus reaches and approaches a railroad crossing.
    • Keep the aisle of the bus clear of books, feet, book bags, etc.
    • Keep head, hands and arms inside the bus at all times.
    • Remain seated while the bus is in motion.
    • Cooperate with and obey the bus driver at all times.

    It is necessary that a supervising adult (parent/guardian) is at the bus stop for the drop off and pick up of kindergarten and first-grade students. In addition, this significantly increases the safety of all children and reduces the likelihood of inappropriate behavior at the bus stop.  

    Parents/guardians assume responsibility for transportation to and from school for students on a school transfer and for those students who have been suspended off the bus.  Failure to bring the student to school will be treated as truancy.

    If a child requests to ride another bus other than the bus to which he/she was assigned, the child must bring a note from home requesting the change. Due to space and liability concerns, the request might not be granted by the administrator.   

    Issues relating to bus stops and bus drivers should be directed to the WCPSS Transportation Department at 919.805.3030.