• Hilburn Academy Athletics

    Students at Hilburn Academy can participate in the athletics program at Leesville Road Middle School. Our partnership with Leesville Road Middle School has been a huge success. We have had many students represent Hilburn on a variety of teams, including football, basketball and cheerleading. Students must be in seventh or eighth grade and be eligible to play in order to participate in athletics. A yellow bus takes participating students from Hilburn to LRMS for practices/games.

    The Athletic Director at LRMS is Mr. Close. You can follow him on twitter: @LRMSathletics

    We are currently seeking out a Hilburn MS Sports Parent Liaison! Please contact mburnette@wcpss.net if you are interested in serving in this role!

    Fall sports include Football, Volleyball, Girls Soccer, and Cheerleading.
    Winter sports include Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, and Cheerleading.
    Spring Sports include Boys Soccer, Softball, Boys Track, and Girls Track.

    Please see Leesville Road MS Athletics Website for more information.

  • Hilburn Academy will continue to partner with Leesville Road Middle School for Fall Sports. If you are interested, please sign up below. 


    Parents go to the following link and sign up for an account (it is free) as a Parent and then register your student.  This will be our sign up and registration for sports for this new 2021-22 school year including Athletic Participation Forms.  Follow the directions: 
    You MUST create an account as a Parent and then you can create a student account afterwards.  You will have to complete ALL forms and you can download a physical into the forms page. This must be completed by August 20! Thank you!
    SPECIAL MESSAGE: If you are planning on trying out for a sport team this Fall, you should be doing everything you can to get yourself into shape and ready for the start of the season on August 30.  This means get acclimated to the heat with running and some agility as well as strength training that is appropriate for your ages.  Simple moves such as pushups, sit ups, lunge walking, squats and much more would be appropriate and to avoid the hottest parts of the day between 10 am and 5 pm while staying hydrated with water would help along with alot of skill development with a football, soccer ball, or volleyball would be extremely beneficial.  Not being allowed summer workouts with conditioning and skill development does put us in a bind.  Tryouts will be only a couple of days and will be competitive.  Remeber, you must be eligible before you can try out!  BE READY!!!
    For further information; you can contact your coach:
    Mark Holochak/Football - mark.holochak@gmail.com
    Melissa Avery/Cheerleading - mavery2@wcpss.net
    Kate Hieronymus/Girls Soccer - khieronymus@wcpss.net
    Volleyball- Coming soon!

Sign up to play sports!

2021-22 Participation Requirements (before you can participate):
There will be academic requirements for participation along with a physical and required paperwork that will be digital on Dragon Fly.  When you register to participate, it is important that you carefully read the entire requirements page from the Athletic Participation Form to know if you will be allowed to tryout.  We will be following those guidelines!