Walkers/Bikers Information from the Handbook

  • Children may also walk or ride bicycles to school if they are within the WCPSS-designated Walk Zone for Hilburn and only if they complete a Walker/Bicycle Rider Release Form in the Main Office.    

    Walkers and bicyclers are dismissed from classrooms at the 3:00 bell. It usually takes 4-5 minutes for students to make their way to the exit doors by the cafeteria, where you can greet them. Walkers are led as a group to the crosswalk, and bicyclists may get their bicycles from the bike rack and proceed down the sidewalk to join walkers.

    To prepare your student for this responsibility, we recommend the following tips:

    • Travel your child’s route to and from school with your child for practice.
    • Review traffic and pedestrian laws with your child.
    • Coach students to be mindful of the traffic around them.


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