• Student BYOD Facts:

    How do I access the internet?
    • Beginning in the fall semester of 2017, EWHS will have an additional, BYOD Network.
    • Students will be given instructions about how to connect their devices to the new WAKE-BYOD network. 
    • Students will only be allowed to use the WAKE-BYOD network when utilizing their devices in class. 

    What about using my data plan and/or a VPN? 
    • There will be no 3G or 4G usage allowed, as students' personal device data plans do not have the same high level of security filters as the WAKE-BYOD network employs.
    • Students are not allowed to use a VPN to access otherwise filtered content. Students found to be using a VPN on any WCPSS Wireless network will be subject to full disciplinary measures. 

    When may I use my device?
    • You may use your device before or after school, during scheduled class changes, lunch, and when your teacher asks you to use it in class. Your classroom teacher is the one who determines whether or not you will be needing your device during his/her class period. 

    What will change about using my device at school?
    1. Around the Building: 
      1. Red Zones:  The device MUST be OFF and away at all times.
        • Restrooms
        • Locker rooms
        • Gym (Outside of Teacher directed instruction.)
      2. Green Zones: The device, when in use, must be on SILENT or VIBRATE at all times.
        1. Supervised Instructional Areas (i.e. classrooms, Media Center, etc...)
        2. Hallways 
        3. Cafeteria

    What are the disciplinary consequences for inappropriate use of devices?
    • BYOD participation is a privilege and should not be considered a student right at any time. 
    • Keeping in line with the EWHS embraced Capturing Kids Hearts program, an emphasis on personal responsibility will be followed as established by the appropriate classes social contract regarding behavior.  
    • Students are expected to follow the Responsible Use Guidelines stated in the WCPSS Student Code of Conduct. Any violation is unethical and may result in the loss of technology privileges at school, as well as other disciplinary action.


    Do I need to pay for any special applications or programs for my device?

    • WCPSS will be providing Google accounts with Google Apps for Education for all students. Most other tools (Such as CANVAS) will be web-based and should not cost anything. 
    Will there be charging stations? 
    • No, teachers will not provide set charging stations for student devices.
    • It is recommended that students bring fully charged devices to use during the school day.  If students choose to bring a charger, they may charge their device with teacher permission ONLY. Students may also purchase portable chargers to use to provide additional charging options during the instructional day.
    • Students should not leave devices unattended to charge.

    What if I don’t have a device to bring?
    • Students without devices either will be provided a device to use while in class or will be paired with a group. No one will be penalized for not bring a device!


    What if my device is damaged or stolen? 

    • Because BYOD is not a requirement, you are responsible for your own device. Neither East Wake High School nor WCPSS is responsible for damaged, lost or stolen devices. Your parents may want to insure your device, and if you are purchasing a new device, you may want to purchase the extended warranty.

    If I store my work on a school owned device under my WCPSS Account (My Documents / H Drive) can I access it at home?
    • No, you cannot access your WCPSS home directory (H:/ Drive) on your own device unless you are connected to the BYOD Wi-Fi server.  However, if you save your work on your WCPSS Google Drive, you will be able to access it from home.

    What Tech Support is provided?
    • Students will be responsible for troubleshooting their own devices.
    • EWHS Faculty assume a "hands-off" device policy and will be unable to assist in physical troubleshooting.
    Parent Facts:

    Is there a specific device that I need to purchase for my student?
    • No. While laptops are preferred, Chromebooks, 2 in 1 laptops, iPads, tablets, and smartphones are acceptable as well, so choose the device that works best for you.

    Should I bring my student their device if they forget it at home?
    • No. If your student forgets their device, there are options provided by the school. There is no need to interrupt classes and instruction when there is a school device a student can use.

    What should I buy to protect my student's device?
    • Insurance for your device is a must, if you possibly can. Again, WCPSS and EWHS is not responsible for your student’s device and will not replace or repair lost or damaged items. This includes the actual device, accessories, and audio equipment.
    • We also recommend a protective cover and/or case for your student's device.

    Is the BYOD Program the same as being in a 1:1 School?
    • The Bring Your Own Device initiative is NOT a 1-1 Device program. While the initiative may create many situations in which all students have access to an electronic device, we are not assigning students laptops, iPads, or computers to use for the academic year at this time.
    • Students who need technology will have access when needed; however, it cannot be permanently checked out at this time.

    Students must agree not to use Cell Data Service or VPNs while connected to the school wireless. Isn't that unrealistic? Now that they're allowed to have their phone out in the open at times (when permitted), won’t they be using social media and texting?
    • Teachers will circulate the classroom and monitor student use of devices.
    • If students don't follow expectations for device usage, privileges will be taken away and appropriate disciplinary actions will be taken.

    Who should I contact if I have questions about BYOD?
    Contact our school's half-time Instructional Technology Facilitator, Melody Simpson, at msimpson@wcpss.net if you have questions.