• AU 1 Classroom 2017-18 School Supplies

    ****I realize that this is a long list of supplies. Please let me know if you have any concerns about the items
    and/or costs and we can work something out.****
     (1) box of 8 count thick crayons (Crayola preferred)
     (1) box of 10 broad line markers (Thick)- standard colors
     (1) box 10 markers (Thin)- standard colors
     (1) set of 16 watercolor paint set (Crayola preferred)
     (1) plastic pencil case (no zipper pouch) please
     (4) glue sticks
     (2) Elmer’s liquid glue
     (1) ream of white copy paper
     (2) bags of uncooked rice (to use in our sensory table)
     (1) pair of child-sized headphones, NO EARBUDS
     toothbrush and toothpaste for grooming
     (4) disinfectant wipes
     (2) boxes of tissues
     (1 box) snack and/or quart sized zip lock bags
     In our classroom we will be conducting snack as communication group, therefore we try to use very motivating foods. Because of this I ask that you send in a box of your child’s preferred snack foods in bulk and I will let you know when you need to send in more.
     A complete set of extra clothes (shirt, pants, underwear, socks, and if possible a pair of shoes/flip-flops) to be kept at school. Be sure each piece is clearly marked with your child’s name. I will notify you when your child needs more extra clothes at school.
     If your child wears diapers, you will need to send diapers and wet wipes on a regular basis throughout the year. I will notify you when your child’s supplies are running low.
    Wish List - a list of items that we need throughout the year in our classroom. If you can donate some of these items, it would be greatly appreciated.
     Paper plates, plastic silverware, straws
     Play dough, bubbles
     White Card stock (1 ream)
     Colored Card stock (1 ream)
     Batteries (AA, A)
     Letter sized Laminating Pouches (BJ’s has them at a good price)