MATINEE PLAYERS (Theatre Arts 2 & 3)

  • Modern Actors Training In New Educational Experiences
    Playing, Learning, Acting, Yearning, Educating, Reflecting, Supporting
    Drama I (Pre-requisite for Matinee Players and Troupe)
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    This theatre repertory company is open to sophomores, juniors and seniors who have taken Theatre Arts I and is in good standing at the end of the course.

    • Students must participate in class productions and projects, and may participate in major productions.
    • They study advanced acting with major focus on practical application.
    • Candidates must have completed Theatre Arts I or equivalent in experience, show potential for management and willingness to develop strong work ethic and artistic philosophy.
    • They hold primary responsibility for the WFHS Matinee Program. 
    • Requires some outside time commitment.
    **Matinee Players may take the class for honors or average credit, depending on their history, abilities, and level of commitment.

         Matinee Players develop and practice both leadership and “followship” skills. This includes learning how and when to be proactive and assume the role of class leader (initiating activities, anticipating needs, etc.) and when to step back and let others lead (participating in activities, recognizing leadership chain, etc.). Matinee Players must also cultivate the “followship” skills of reliability, loyalty, self-respect and respect for others.

         Matinee Players consistently strive to improve their communication skills both verbal and physical and to use these skills appropriately at all times, while maintaining a company climate of honesty, integrity, and cooperation.

         Matinee Players demonstrate proficiency and develop mastery in theatre arts skills. They hone their acting skills along with all other aspects of theatre craft. Matinee Players also practice self-control in using their talent by demonstrating a high level of professionalism and respect. They work to create a positive, supportive learning environment, and work to give insightful positive critique.

         Matinee Players should have some experience in theatre-related activities including but not limited to successful completion of Theatre Arts I or the equivalent of experience and skill achieved through active participation in performing arts, and production-related assignments. Matinee Players are willing to work on any aspect of a production to gain well-rounded training in theatre as craft, learning from their teachers, peers, and parent/community volunteers how to complete tasks effectively and efficiently.

         Matinee Players function well as a team, working to build on each other’s strengths and overcome weaknesses to function successfully as a performance company.

         Matinee Players are successful members of their school community, who maintain a strong academic average and consistently demonstrate good behavior with no discipline referrals or tardies.  Membership in Matinee Players is selected by the instructor and consists of students that are in good standing after Theatre Arts I. 

  • Symbol: Star

    Colors: Aqua (loyalty and truth) and Violet (spirituality)

    Motto: We seek the light because it shows us the way; we endure the darkness because it shows us the stars.

    Mission: To learn through drama

    Mascot: Fulkar (courage over time)

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