2017-2018 Matinee Season


    “We follow the light because it shows us the way; we endure the darkness because it shows us the stars.”

     ~ WFHS Matinee Players

    “Students teaching students through theater”


     Matinee Descriptions for 2017-18

     (Click on this link to view matinee details)
  • General Information:
    All matinees start at 10:30 am and last 45 minutes. Student liaisons will escort you and your students to and from the theater. After the performance, your students will meet and talk with the actors. Study materials and activities are provided for each matinee. Cost is $2 per student; all teachers and chaperones free. Matinees are suitable for K-8; more specific details are available in the play descriptions. You will also receive study guides, assignments, ppts and videos specific to the show(s) you will attend created by the actors and technicians who produce the show you and your students attend. Shows are selected with NCSCOS in mind and are geared to the 4Cs.
    You must make reservations in advance. To make a reservation, click on the link below you wish to fill out the form and secure your reservation. Please make sure to click on the SUBMIT button when you have completed the form. Once you have submitted the form, you should receive an email from us within 3 days. 

    Matinee Reservations

    If the link doesn't work, or you don't receive confirmation, please contact us at
    amjones@wcpss.net or wfrmatinee@gmail.com, or call the Theater Department at 919-554-8611 Ext. 23735
    Reverse Field Trip Matinees: Due to last year's success with these shows, we are offering a reverse field trip show in the fall and another in the spring. If travel is a problem, we can send one of our travel teams to your school to perform a show for your students. The cost is $2 per student with a 50 student minimum (To cover our production cost).
    If you are a year-round school and are tracked out on the offered day, give us a call; we may be able to schedule an additional performance for your group!