• Volunteers help with fundraising, concession and ticket sales, mentoring students, providing lunches at matinees, and much more.  
    FUNDRAISING -- an ongoing effort to support mainstage productions and competitions.
    CONCESSIONS and TICKET SALES -- needed at every mainstage performance.
    CATERING -- We provide lunch to students participating in matinees, and dinner for Mainstage marathon nights.  Volunteers are needed to provide food and drinks, as well as to serve lunch to the students and clean up the concession stand at the end of lunch. 
    COSTUMING AND MAKEUP -- We rely on donations of costumes and supplies, as well as people who can serve as mentors to our tech students.  It is our goal to have students do as much of the creative work as possible.  Mentors with sewing, crafting, and makeup skills assist students in realizing their vision for mainstage and matinee performances.