• Parents and Carpool

    The carpool entrance is the first entrance when approaching from High House Rd. While we recommend that you approach from High House Rd., you may come from either direction.  Once you make the turn from the traffic circle into the school, drive all the way down to the round-about (the gate on the left that leads into the student lot will be locked.) and back up the hill. Enter the sidewalk/drop-off area and proceed as far as you can before dropping off your child. For the safety of your child, please do not drop off before you reach the sidewalk area.

    As you exit back onto Carpenter-Upchurch Road, please watch for oncoming and student traffic. The main (middle) entrance to Green Hope High School is not open to carpool traffic. Only valid student drivers and special transportation students will be allowed to proceed toward the circle in front of the building. Anyone entering should display their parking hang tag or have a special permit issued by the office (It will be end dated and we will change colors periodically).

    The bus lot is not open to any private vehicles and may not be used to drop off or pick up students.
    • Arrive early, before 7:05. If you wait until 7:10-7:15, there will be more traffic and your child may be late to school. We do not count tardies the first week as everyone is acclimating to school. After that, being late in the carpool line does not excuse the tardy.
    • Traffic engineers from DOT, the Town of Cary, and WCPSS facilities have designed this traffic pattern. The goal of the plan is to eliminate the back-up on Carpenter Upchurch Rd. and to make it safe for both pedestrians and parents.
    • Always be aware of oncoming vehicles or students who may not be paying attention to you. Practice safety at all times.

    Carpool Pool Procedures Visual


    Student Traffic

    The student entrance is the middle entrance that leads to the front of the school. We recommend that you come from the Morrisville direction, however you may come from either direction. Both lanes will merge together to the right, and turn right into the student parking lot. Proceed to your parking spot.

    The school-wide speed limit is 10MPH.

    At lunch, both gates will be open for exit. Upon returning from lunch, you must re-enter the school as you do in the morning.
    At the end of the day both gates will be open for exit.