On-Campus Vehicle Operation & Parking


    On-campus parking spaces will become available to sophomores who already possess a NC driver's license on October 19th. Space is extremely limited and will be on a first come first serve basis. If interested, complete the application for on-campus parking as soon as possible.


    Do not pay for a parking space unless you receive communication from AP Nina Scott-Emuakpor.

    Please note that although sophomores will be allowed to park on campus, underclassmen are not permitted to leave campus for lunch. Any student found doing so is subject to parking pass revocation.  Excessive unexcused tardies and absences may also result in the revocation or suspension of parking passes. 

    Step 1: Read the required documents (links below).

    Step 2: Complete online application using WakeID (link below).

    Step 3: Wait for a confirmation email that a spot has been reserved for you.

    Step 4: After receiving a confirmation email, pay parking fee (link below).


    Off-Campus Lunch Pass

    Off-Campus Lunch Pass applications are currently being accepted. Forms may be brought to campus during the designated pass dates. 

    Excessive unexcused tardies may result in the revocation or suspension of off-campus lunch passes.