• SMART Lunch is an instructional time for all students. The lunch time is organized into two blocks where one block is time for lunch and the other block can be used for individual coursework completion, academic support, attendance at club meetings, participation in tutoring, collaborating with peers and/or attending Career Conversations.  

    • Each subject area is assigned two SMART Lunch Tutorial sessions per week.  One session is open for any student to attend if they need support.  The other session is a priority day where teachers will invite specific students to receive small group instruction.  These students will be selected using a variety of data (grades, work completion, attendance, etc).  

    • Students will not be incentivized for attending SMART lunch tutorials.  However, if a student is assigned a SMART Lunch tutorial on a “Priority Day”, that student’s attendance is mandatory.  Instead, students who have demonstrated academic and behavioral responsibility will have the opportunity to make the decision that is best for them.

    For information about SMART Lunch schedule and expectations, click here.


    SMART Lunch Schedule