Club Resources

  • Please contact Mr. Hall, assistant principal, with questions related to clubs/activites:

    2024- 25 Club Application

    **Existing Organizations and Club Renewals Only**

    Organization and Club Renewal applications for the 2024-25 school year will be open beginning Monday, April 29th and close Friday, May 10th. Students should secure faculty/staff sponsors and enter all proposal requirements needed during this two-week period.  Any proposals not received by May 10 will have to wait until school starts and would not operate as a club over the summer of 2024.

    GHHS Organization and Club Renewals. 

    Spring Club Approval/Denial by May 28

    Appeal Request by May 31


    2024- 25 Approved Clubs

    2024-25 Approved Club List

    Posters/Flyers must be pre-approved by Mr. Hall. Please email an exact picture of the design and relevant meeting information to Mr. Hall. Upon approval, posters/flyers may be posted on the locker bay or stairwell bulletin boards, any classroom that teacher allows, and submit to the Leadership media class for posting on the scrolling announcement.  All postings on the bulletin boards must be with staples only.  Please do not post on school walls, doors/door windows, or columns. Your faculty sponsor can help with the morning announcements process. (limit to interest/first meetings only) . All posters/flyers must be removed within two days after the meeting takes place.  Failure to do so may result in not being able to post in the future.