• Battle of the Books

    Club Description

    Battle of the Books is a competition in which students read novels from a list of titles chosen by the North Carolina School Library Media Association. A variety of titles are selected each year including classics, award winners, and new releases. There may NOT be a competition this year, but we will still read the books. Students chosen for the team compete against other WCPSS middle school teams. The questions test their knowledge of the novels and authors. As a club, students participate in reading discussions, games, and reviews.


    Carissa Metoyer

    Meeting Information

    Practices are held in a Battle of the Books google classroom. There may not be a county competition this year, but we will still be reading the books and discussing them.  Teams will be created based on grade levels and each grade level will have a different day to meet each month. We may have a DDMS competition if there isn't a county competition.


    All grade levels can attend and participate by reading books on the list.

    Battle of the Books Website